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天地棋牌Brian Perillo

Brian Perillo
Senior Associate Vice President, Alumni Relations, Annual Giving and Communications and Marketing

天地棋牌town: Florham Park, NJ

NYU Favorite: The sea of violet gathered together for Commencement at Yankee Stadium each year!

天地棋牌Carolyn Cutillo (TSOA '11)

Carolyn Cutillo (TSOA '11)
Administrative Aide

天地棋牌town: Scranton, PA

NYU Favorite: The vibrant arts and culture scene and the phenomenal education-- I'm going back for another degree soon!

Alumni Relations, Outreach and Programs

天地棋牌James Hurley

James Hurley
Senior Director, Alumni Relations

天地棋牌town: New York, NY

NYU Favorite: Engaging with our 500,000+ alumni around the world and supporting our incredibly rich and diverse student body population.

天地棋牌Trevor Cano (CAS ’07)

Trevor Cano
Director, Special Events

天地棋牌town: Niwot, CO

NYU Favorite: Updating alumni and parents on the amazing things happening at NYU and creating engaging experiences for the NYU community.

天地棋牌Jenni Peterson

Jenni Peterson
Director, Regional Alumni Programs (US & Global)

天地棋牌town: Spokane, WA

NYU Favorite: Meeting NYU alumni all over the globe! It’s inspiring to see that violet pride is growing from San Francisco to Seoul—and everywhere in between!

天地棋牌Xin Wei

Xin Wei
Director, Alumni Programs (Asia)

天地棋牌town: Beijing, China天地棋牌

NYU Favorite: Meeting alumni and parents, and connecting alumni back to the Shanghai campus and to the students at Shanghai via different programs like the Mentor Program, the Distinguished Speaker Program. It is always nice to hear alumni talking about their good memories at NYU and how much they want to support their school.

天地棋牌Catherine Hall

Catherine Hall (GAL ’09, SSSW ’19)
Assistant Director, Alumni Programs (Affinity and Special Interest)

天地棋牌town: Raynham, MA

NYU Favorite: It’s so interesting to meet alumni and students who are doing great things. There’s so much to learn from the NYU community!

天地棋牌Tatiana Lafleur

Tatiana Lafleur
Assistant Director, Student-Alumni Programs

天地棋牌town: Brooklyn, NY

NYU Favorite: Connecting current students to our diverse alumni population.

天地棋牌Michelle Ljubicich

Michelle Ljubicich
Assistant Director, Special Events

天地棋牌town: Paramus, NJ

NYU Favorite: Being inspired by our alumni, parents, and friends from hearing their stories and being able to create meaningful experiences for them and being able to recognize their impact to the University.

天地棋牌Casey McAlpin

Casey McAlpin (STERN '20)
Assistant Director, Alumni Programs (Global)

天地棋牌town: Brewster, NY

NYU Favorite: Meeting successful alumni from around the world and learning about the lasting impact of their NYU experience!

天地棋牌Tim Valentine

Tim Valentine
Associate Director, Special Events

天地棋牌town: Charleston, WV

NYU Favorite: Alumni Weekend is my favorite time of year—it's autumn in NYC and the campus is buzzing with both student and alumni energy!

天地棋牌Amanda Williams

Amanda Williams
Associate Director, Alumni Programs

天地棋牌town: Bridgewater, NJ

NYU Favorite: Being surrounded by all that NYC has to give, which includes the inspiring work of our amazing alumni.

天地棋牌Danielle Weingand

Danielle Weingand
Administrative Aide

天地棋牌town: Brooklyn, NY

NYU Favorite: Being surrounded by the constant buzz of energy! NYU students, staff, and alumni are some of the most interesting people and it is such a pleasure to work with them on a daily basis.

Volunteer Engagement

天地棋牌Amanda C. Putzer

Amanda C. Putzer
Director, Volunteer Engagement

天地棋牌town: Joliet, IL

NYU Favorite: Walking through Washington Square Park everyday and never knowing what I will see—I am never disappointed! Oh, and NYC Dosas!

Web and Communications 

天地棋牌Kristine Faxon

Kristine Faxon
Director, Alumni Communications

天地棋牌town: Bay Village, OH

NYU Favorite: The alumni success stories and accolades—a daily inspiration!

天地棋牌Sarah Shanahan

Sarah Shanahan
Associate Director, Alumni Communications

天地棋牌town: Rockport, MA

NYU Favorite: The amazing talent in such a diverse array of fields that comes out of NYU’s schools!

天地棋牌Catherine Ducey

Catherine Coppola (GAL ’14, SPS ’19)
Email Marketing Manager, Alumni Communications

天地棋牌town: Staten Island, NY

NYU Favorite: Serving a university and alumni network that actively and creatively contributes to solving some of the greatest challenges of our current society.

天地棋牌Brett Ackerman (CAS '08)

Brett Ackerman (CAS '08)
Communications Manager, Alumni Communications

天地棋牌town: Merrick, NY

NYU Favorite: The legacy of stellar higher education and immersion into New York City that has built the foundation of so many successful and talented alumni. Also, the restaurants near campus are pretty amazing.

天地棋牌Katherine Dunn

Katherine Dunn
Associate, Alumni Communications

天地棋牌town: Katonah, NY

NYU Favorite: Sharing stories about the impactful work and accomplishments of the NYU community.

天地棋牌Mary Garcia

Mary Garcia
Associate, Alumni Communications

天地棋牌town: Placerville, CA

NYU Favorite: Soaking up history of the campus and the stories of its alumni.

天地棋牌Jeremy Johnston

Jeremy Johnston
Administrative Aide

天地棋牌town: Baltimore, MD

NYU Favorite: $5 banh mi at Saigon Shack on MacDougal!

Arts & Science

College of Arts and Science, Graduate School of Arts and Science, and Liberal Studies

天地棋牌Ann Marie Ladisa

Ann Marie Ladisa (STEINHARDT ’89)
Senior Director, Alumni Relations

天地棋牌town: Ozone Park, NY

NYU Favorite: The Union Square Greenmarket—simply the best and a food lover’s paradise.

天地棋牌Heather Seltzer

Heather Seltzer (STEINHARDT ’18)
Assistant Director, Alumni Relations

天地棋牌town: Boston, MA

NYU Favorite: Connecting with such a diverse and talented alumni community!

NYU Abu Dhabi 

天地棋牌John D. Pine

John D. Pine
Director, Alumni Relations & Annual Giving

天地棋牌town: Easton, MA

NYU Favorite: The diversity of our student body at NYUAD. In 2017, our incoming class represented 88 nationalities and the total student body represents more than 115 countries. This is a remarkable statistic and one that makes me so proud to be part of the NYUAD team.

Rory Meyers College of Nursing

天地棋牌Janet Griffin

Janet Griffin
Director, Alumni Relations

天地棋牌town: Nashville, TN

NYU Favorite: Connecting alumni with each other and the University, and riding the ferry to work.

Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development 

天地棋牌Stefanie Landsman

Stefanie (Landsman) Tuder
Director, Alumni Relations

天地棋牌town: Voorhees, NJ

NYU Favorite: Working with so many different alumni in NYC who are looking to connect with each other and back to NYU in meaningful ways!

天地棋牌Caitlin Krow

Caitlin Krow (WAG ’18)
Assistant Director of Alumni Benefits and Engagement

天地棋牌town: Belmar, NJ

NYU Favorite: The immense talent and accomplishments of our student, faculty, staff, and alumni community. I am so proud to be a part of the NYU family—not only as a staff member, but also as an alumna!  

Tandon (Formerly Polytechnic) School of Engineering 

天地棋牌Valerie Cabral

Valerie Cabral (WSUC ’81, SPS ’10)
Director, Alumni Relations

天地棋牌town: New Bedford, MA

NYU Favorite: Adding Brooklyn and engineering to my list of all that’s “hot” about NYU! 

天地棋牌Alexandra Serret

Alexandra Serret
Assistant Director, Alumni Relations

Hometown: Boston, MA

NYU Favorite: Being in the heart of the Brooklyn Tech Triangle, surrounded by an innovative and creative community.

Wasserman Center for Career Development 

天地棋牌Carrie Pennoni

Carrie Pennoni (STEINHARDT ’15)
Manager, Alumni Career Programs

天地棋牌town: Williamston, MA

NYU Favorite: Supporting NYU alumni as they take the next step in their careers!